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Are contributions tax-deductible?
Yes! Contributions to the Darien Lions Club Foundation are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. 
For those who wish to contribute more than $250, or to begin a program of giving, there are 20 levels of Foundation Fellow, with each level attained affording honor to the individual named.
How does someone become a Foundation Fellow?  
To become an initial Foundation Fellow,
A contribution of $250 is made to the Darien Lions Club Foundation on behalf of the Fellow. 
It can be given for yourself or another. 

Please fill-out and mail the printable form with your donation.

Partial payments of $50 or more
are also accepted.

Foundation Fellows
Foundation Fellowship Program
Fellow (Initial) 

Bronze Fellow  
Silver Fellow
Gold Fellow
Platinum Fellow
Diamond Fellow


A Foundation Fellow is the highest level of recognition that can be bestowed by the Darien Lions Club Foundation.
 "It is tangible evidence of a dedication to establishing a lasting legacy".
      What does the Foundation Fellow receive?

The person named as a Foundation Fellow will receive a framed certificate and the person’s name will also be permanently embroidered on the Darien Lions Foundation Banner of Honor that will be displayed at all Darien Lions Club meetings and appropriate functions.

For each additional contribution of $250, a framed certificate will be given to the person named, and the higher contribution level designation will be embroidered with their name on the Darien Lions Foundation Banner of Honor. 

Subsequent “progressive” $250 contribution levels will be honored as follows:
- after the 3rd contribution - 'Bronze Fellow';
- after the 6th contribution - 'Silver Fellow';
- after the 10th contribution - 'Gold Fellow';
- after the 15th contribution - 'Platin um Fellow';
- after the 20th contribution - 'Diamond Fellow'.