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Darien Lions Club Foundation
Darien, Illinois  USA
Contributions to the Darien Lions Club Foundation
are 100% tax-deductible for income tax purposes to the extent provided by the IRS.
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How Does The Foundation Fund Help?

The Foundation is an endowment that receives money or goods from donors on a tax-exempt basis.  The fund interest is used annually to provide for the needy per the Foundation's charter mission.

Regardless of the amount of the donation:

All donations are pooled with the monies which has been previously provided by other generous donors

The funds are placed into stable investments which are renewable

The earnings generated from these funds are used for humanitarian benefits

The Darien Lions Club Foundation is structured to continue these benefits in perpetuity.


Lion Doug Barnes - President

Mission Statement:

The Darien Lions Club Foundation is an accredited 501(c)(3) committed to providing assistance to economically disadvantaged individuals with hearing and/or vision impairments.
Welcome to the Darien Lions Club Foundation
Welcome to our Foundation website. 
The Foundation was formed by the Darien Lions Club; a community service organization dedicated to humanitarian and community affairs. 

The Foundation was established to receive funds and saleable items as donations while providing a tax-exempt vehicle for our donors. Our goal is to reach a sufficiently high base of donations as to provide a self-funded mechanism for future distributions.

Monetary contributions are added to the Foundation which generates interest and in turn funds the distributions.  The funds are largely used to purchase eyeglasses and hearing aids.  Your gift today truly is a gift that will keep on giving.

The Foundation is the link that joins our efforts.  Together, we can fill some of the voids of needy individuals both young and old alike.

If you would like to help provide for others by making a donation please consider one of our many donor programs.  Our Brick Patio program is one that I recommend since it also enables us to provide a way to show our appreciation and recognition to our donors. 

If you should have any questions or comments, or if you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your interest and your support.  

Lion Doug Barnes
President, Darien Lions Club Foundation

Many Thanks To You, 
Our Foundation Donors!

How Are Funds Distributed?
The funds are distributed by the Darien Lions Club members under the direction of the Foundation's Board of Directors.  Our fundraising programs are dedicated to helping individuals who are hearing or sight impaired, as well as persons or families in need.  These programs include services for the blind and deaf, hearing screenings, low vision needs, scholarships, Christmas food baskets, and numerous other humanitarian efforts.

The Darien Lions Club Foundation is a stand alone fund that is true to our motto 'We Serve'.

If you are hearing or sight impaired and in need
of assistance, please feel free to contact us.